Pops of Color


I wouldn’t say that I shy away from color, but I do find myself in a very muted and neutral style comfort zone most of the time. It just seems easier to pull together an outfit with neutral shades more than an outfit with bright colors. To be honest, bright colors never really felt chic to me. I loved statement colors on everyone around me but I just felt I couldn’t really pull it off in the way that I wanted to, therefore neutral and muted tones became my jam. However, over the past year, I have myself more drawn to bright colors (read bright, NOT neon). I am especially loving different shades of the same color family pulled together to create one kick ass outfit.
Two colors that I am especially drawn to this season are pinks and reds. I have been told my entire life that I should always wear pink and red because I have a naturally rosy skin tone so this color family is often complimentary on me. I have to admit, I felt pretty bangin’ (yep, I said “bangin'”) in this outfit. I love how perfectly these colors go together and yes, my skin tone seems to like these pairings as well. From the very start of creating this blog, I have always said that I want to inspire all of my incredible readers with new outfit ideas. Sometimes, thinking about inspiring you actually helps me inspire ME! I love thinking up unique ways to wear different pieces that you may already have in your closet (button down shirt, fun pair of pants, and a statement coat) in hopes that you may find your next “go-to” outfit by scrolling through these photos.
Here’s to new style inspiration for everyone!

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