With all this rain SF has been getting lately, I decided it was finally time to invest in a trench coat. Can you believe that until now, I’ve never owned one? With our London-esque fog you would think that I would’ve bought one a long time ago but for some reason, I never had one if my collection! Luckily, Everlane came to my rescue with this beautiful and classic trench coat. If you’re a newbie to Everlane and have never heard of this incredible company before, you are in for a treat. Everlane’s pieces are high quality without the high price tag. I also feel like every single thing in their collection is something that will both last forever but also last through trends for years to come. I mean, I love me a trendy item but I do find that I am leaning more toward classic pieces as I make my way through this 3rd decade of mine (get it? Because I’m in my 30’s?! Ha!).
Okay, back to these Everlane pieces that I’m wearing. Like I said, this trench coat is pretty much everything. Not only is the fit PERFECTION, but the shape and color are so classic that I know this will be a piece that I will grab for years to come. Also, as you’ve probably noticed, I have been really feeling the color red this season, which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. This cashmere sweater has definitely been on heavy rotation for me because it might be softest thing I’ve ever owned. I’ve never tried Everlane’s cashmere before and I am a huge fan, especially the cropped length. I usually don’t do “cropped” but I am really feeling this one! Don’t you think it would look great with skirts, too?! The possibilities are endless!

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