Lyon and Post x WFB

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Have you guys tried Lyon + Post yet!?! This is my second shipment and I feel like the quality and variety of designer pieces is so refreshing compared to many of the “subscription” clothing services out there. I mean, the pieces that Lyon + Post picks are actually pieces that I would see online at high end department stores! Who wouldn’t get excited to try on awesome pieces FOR FREE without the harsh lighting and packed fitting rooms? That’s what I thought! Personally, I gravitate toward well curated designer pieces so Lyon + Post feels as if it was made for me. Plus, you don’t spend ANY money (even when you sign up!) until you make the decision to purchase one of the pieces that was sent to you. You shouldn’t have to pay to try on beautiful pieces and Lyon + Post has got your back, ladies.

Check them out. I promise you won’t regret it.

Thank you to Lyon + Post for collaborating with Wannabe Fashion Blogger on this post.


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