Make a Statement in Gingham

If you’re not rocking gingham in the spring time, are you even celebrating the fact that spring has arrived? I will answer that with a big fat NO because for me, gingham is print that screams spring to me the most. Okay, well florals do as well but, still. I picked up this pair of gingham pants in Paris and at first, I wasn’t sure if they were going to fit me right but right when I put them on, I was in love. I have never owned gingham pants before and the idea of wearing these in the warmer months was really exciting to me because they are super versatile. Because this specific pair of gingham pants are black and white, I love the idea of pairing them with my favorite colors all spring and summer long. Because they are lightweight cotton, they are incredibly easy to wear. It honestly feels like you’re wearing a chic pair of PJ pants that somehow make your butt look incredible. WINNING.

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