In Full Bloom

When we booked our trip to Paris, Ariana and I did not really even think about all the spring flowers that would be blooming all over the city. Even though it was still pretty cold during our stay, we loved walking around and seeing the blossoms all over the city. It was stunning and really unlike anything I have seen before. Paris springtime blooms are definitely quite popular as there were always people (both locals and tourists) snapping pictures of the beautiful trees everywhere we went. However, the stunning pink blossom trees near the Eiffel Tower and the famous carousels were my favorites. They were beautiful enough to make my jaw drop and never want to leave them, especially since I debuted my new floral Sezane dress (bought in Paris!) in their presence for our shoot. Nothing is easier to me than a pretty button up dress. It’s easy to get in and out of, usually very comfortable to wear, and the floral print on this one is particularly stunning. Wearing florals in spring time is a big DUH but I knew I had to take this floral dress home with me during our visit to the original Parisian Sezane shop. Plus, we waited in a long line to get in so I had to buy something, right?!

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