Make It Non Maternity

The key to finding non maternity pieces that will work when you’re pregnant? STRETCH. AND LOTS OF IT. To be totally honest, I used to dread the thought of being pregnant and mainly for selfish reasons. I love clothes. I love buying clothes. I love styling clothes. So to think that my styling options were going to be limited with a baby bump, it kind of made me nervous. Also, I shuddered at the thought of wearing only maternity clothing. Who wants to be that constrained style wise!? However, I am finding what works for me can also work for those that are not pregnant. Take this dress for example. It is not a maternity dress. I did size up an entire size from my usual but really, I could’ve worn my normal size because the material is thick and stretchy, basically the two words every pregnant woman wants to hear. I love that the material stretches to fit the bump in a non awkward way and that there is not middle waist seam to make you feel constricted when you wear it. Honestly, this dress feels like you’re wearing a cloud because it’s so light, yet weighty enough for it to not be sheer at all. I will wear this all fall and winter because I know that it will grow with me and it’s really the perfect dress to layer under a coat when it get colder. Now, the Gucci belt bag on the other hand may have to be retired soon but I will wear it as long as Baby Beeb lets me.

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