Just Add Panels

It probably shouldn’t shock you that most Zara pieces run small. Over the years, their sizing has gotten much better but still not perfect by any means. ANYWAY, poor sizing doesn’t stop me from shopping there and I love their trendy fall pieces. When I saw this denim boiler suit, I knew it was going to sell out quick and I was right. I was lucky enough to snag one in my size (yay!) and then I thought about how long I would realistically be able to wear it now that I am pregnant. I took it to my tailor to see if she had any recommendations for how to extend the longevity of this piece through some of my pregnancy and she had a genius suggestion. She suggested putting in denim panels on the side so that I would have lots of room to grow over the next 5 months. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but when I got it back the following week, I was very impressed with the job she did and I think the panels, while not PERFECT, work very very well! Again, this is not a maternity piece. I’ve actually brought two pieces into my tailor to see if she can work some pregnancy magic on them and she has done a great job both times. I knew that I didn’t want to only wear maternity pieces for 9 whole months so taking non maternity pieces that I love to have them altered has been working really well for me so far!

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