Summer + Fall

What’s a fall loving girl to do when your beloved city doesn’t like to show it’s cooler weather temps until end of October and sometimes even November? Mix and match your summer pieces with your new fall ones, DUH! Seriously though, it’s been so hot in SF and the Bay Area that it really feels like fall is nowhere in sight, even though technically we just celebrated the first day of fall. I’m not going to lie, it’s a huge bummer but hey, I’m rolling with it. I bought this Doen dress over the summer and I am still so obsessed with it. It really has the perfect cut for my growing belly and one way that I am dressing it for fall is by wearing my new Anine Bing jacket with it. I love how it instantly makes this whole outfit feel more fall inspired and makes me believe that fall is actually here.

I always find transitions, both in life and in seasons, to be difficult because you are letting go of things that have gotten you through a current part of your year and making room for something new. It’s hard for me to let go of things that I have been wearing all season and make room for different pieces that I’m not “used” to wearing yet. However, I always welcome change and will be not so quietly counting down to fall weather to hit the Bay Area.

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