Patchwork Dress

I’m not going to lie to you. Finding clothes that are not only on trend but also comfortable for an ever-expanding pregnant belly is not an easy task. After the initial excitement after I found out I was pregnant, I remember thinking to myself, “Crap. What am I going to wear?!” I experienced the lovely pregnancy bloat very early on in my pregnancy so I throughout the summer, I was always looking for pieces that were comfy but also cut to accommodate the bloat. Here’s the thing. Style is everything to me, and not just “style” but wearing my favorite designers ESPECIALLY during my favorite style seasons of fall and winter is everything to me. It’s how I express myself, my creativity, and this expression holds a lot of joy in my life. Yes, pregnancy is also a joy and I am very excited but I definitely didn’t think it was going to be this challenging to find things that still spoke to my street style spirit. Also, can we all just agree on one thing. WHO WANTS TO SPEND MONEY ON MATERNITY CLOTHES?!

I have felt very lucky that I am and will be working with some maternity brands that will be sending me pieces to help me out with my growing bump (more on this soon!), but I am also really trying to make non-maternity pieces work for me as well. Most likely, I will incorporate the ribbed stretchy dresses that you see a lot of pregnant women wear as the seasons change and it gets cooler but I have also been experimenting with different styles to see if I can satisfy my personal style needs and also my pregnancy.

One style of dress that saved me this summer was the glorious empire waist. Since it hits right below the boobs, these types of dresses can definitely work with a growing bump. I was so excited that this Ulla Johnson dress that I had been stalking for months went on sale and that it would actually work for me in my current state. I love the patchwork colors and the fit is literally perfect.

Other styles that have also worked have been wide cut styles (think lots of fabric and slightly oversized), dresses that have elastic middles, and also fabrics that have a bit more give or stretch to them. I think I have found some pretty awesome pieces to work with for fall coming up and I can’t wait to take you a long for the ride.

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