Making The Most Of San Francisco’s Summer



San Francisco’s summer is in full swing. I hate to sound ungrateful because the city is pure magic this time of year, but can it just be fall already? I am so ready. However, while the weather takes it time deciding whether or not it wants to be seasonally appropriate, I’m over here trying to make it work with one of my favorite tops that I bought over the summer. Can I admit something to you? I’m really bad at buying tops. I am really good at buying jeans, dresses, shoes, and outwear, but tops are hard for me for some reason. I really like my tops to be unique but also be versatile, which are not usually two qualities that go together when looking for clothing. However, this top checks both of those boxes for me. I mean, these puffed sleeves are so killer! Oh, and that sweetheart neckline and straps that allow me to lift my arms and, you know, act like a normal human being? INTO IT. Remember when everyone was wearing off the shoulder tops and no one could lift their arms? It was the worst. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with this top. I guesssssssssss I can wait a little longer for fall if I can keep wearing this beautiful top.

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