Why Girl Squad’s Make The Best Accessories


NYFW is pure craziness, excitement, and style all rolled into one incredible experience. This was my second time attending NYFW and the first time I have attended in the fall, which made it even more exciting. However, the best part of preparing for the NYFW madness was knowing that I was going to be rollin’ into the Big Apple with some of the sweetest girls around. It still amazes me that I met everyone of these incredible girl bosses through blogging (which is the 2018 way of saying “we met online”) and I am so thankful to know Sarah, Camilla, and Latisha.

If you have been following me for awhile, I have briefly touched on the fact that I am a total introvert at heart and struggle with mild anxiety when it comes to prolonged social situations, especially when those social situations involve a lot of people I don’t know. Many people are very surprised when they hear this because I have perfected the phrase “fake it ’til you make it” and can operate just fine around people I don’t know. As a school counselor, this is something I do every single day so I have gotten very good at projecting a sense of confidence and extrovertedness when I need to. However, NYFW is a whole other beast in the sense that I often feel like I don’t know as many people as I should, which can make me start to feel anxious. Now, this anxiety won’t ever stop me from experiencing things like parties or events, especially during NYFW, but it’s just something that lingers in my mind whenever I know I am going to face these types of situations.

However, being in the blogging world has really helped me conquer a lot of my discomfort and embrace my own inner confidence. When I first started blogging, I always worried that I didn’t belong and that I wasn’t “good enough” in comparison to the other women I looked up to. Over the past five years, I have truly gotten to know myself and have stopped trying to “fit in” and embrace my own style for what it is: AWESOME! Throughout this journey, I have also had the privilege of meeting some of my closest friends. While we may have started our friendship off of our shared love of blogging, these relationships have morphed into so much more than business. We have become REAL friends and we SUPPORT each other.

Knowing that I had Sarah, Camilla, and Latisha by my side made me feel like I could take on the somewhat intimidating world of NYFW. I felt strong, confident, and ready to put myself out there thanks to their constant support and love. From helping each other choose our daily Instagram photos to laughing hysterically when my pants split in the Lyft on the way to our event to staying up late eating M&M’s and chatting about life, these girls are the real deal. I loved how honest and real we could be with each other in private moments and then turn it on for the public eye. It made me feel so secure knowing that I had ladies around me that I could lean on if I was feeling uncomfortable and that I knew would push me to creep out of my comfort zone when I needed to. Sometimes, I need a friendly push and these girls are great at helping me with that!

So even though we were all stressing about our outfits pre-NYFW, the only accessories I really needed were these girls right here.

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