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Even before I turned 16, driving was the most exciting thing I looked forward to. I even remember asking my mom questions like “don’t you just LOVE driving?!” and “how does it feel to get behind the wheel?!” I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and have the freedom to drive anywhere I want. So, when I finally got my license, all I wanted to do was drive. Even though driving is something that I still love to do and *try* not to take it for granted, I have never had a luxury car. In fact, I have always had a sensible car. So, when Autobahn Motors wanted to work together, I was very very excited to experience the luxury and excitement of a Mercedes Benz ride.

 First, Jonny and I were invited to come tour the newly renovated Autobahn Motors facility, which is located in Belmont right off the freeway. To say that this new facility is GORGEOUS is a huge understatement. With floor to ceiling windows that let in that beautiful natural light, the entire facility comes to life. The beautiful Mercedes Benz cars shine bright and the floor plan is so open and airy that it honestly felt like I was walking through a museum instead of a car dealership. In addition to the stunning cars (no, seriously, Jonny and I were drooling over all of them), Autobahn Motors is truly in tune with it’s customer and clearly wants them to have an amazing experience within their walls. Not only can you play around with customizing your own Mercedes, but you can see your creation come to life right in front of you on state of the art monitors. We also discovered an amazing coffee lounge where you can brew Peet’s Coffee (YES!!!) or even hot chocolate (Jonny was stoked about this) while you peruse the facility. Plus, everyone that works within Autobahn Motors was so incredibly kind and helpful that you honestly feel taken care of from the minute you step foot through the doors.

Okay, let’s talk luxury people. I have never driven a luxury car. Part of our partnership included borrowing one of Autobahn Motor’s top vehicles so I could be immersed in the full Mercedes Benz experience. When I initially walked over to MY (yes, I’m saying MY) car, just a casual Mercedes Benz S Class model, my jaw dropped. It was honestly one of the most beautiful cars I had ever seen. After being walked through all the awesome gadgets in the car, I waved goodbye to Autobahn Motors as I drove away in this beautiful Mercedes Benz and immediately felt a huge difference driving this car in comparison to my Prius. Truthfully, I actually felt a little nervous driving this car because it everything was so intuitive (all the amazing gadgets you could possibly imagine are right at your finger tips!) that it almost felt too easy to drive. Well, I got over that nervousness pretty quickly and became pretty attached to this beautiful car very fast.

After riding around SF in this Mercedes Benz for a few days, I definitely discovered some of my favorite features that I didn’t even know could exist in a car. I guess in a Mercedes any feature is possible since attention to detail is something that this award-winning car company is know for! First off, we have the incredibly comfortable seats that basically hug your body while you’re driving. I’m not kidding when I say “hug.” In the side panels of the driver’s seat, the cushions will actually move to better support you if you are turning a corner or shifting lanes. It was incredible and a feature that I am definitely missing now that I’m in my usual car. Second, all the incredible seat features (seat warmers, seat coolers, seat controls) are available in all of the seats of the car. For example, the two back seats actually RECLINE for your upmost comfort, which I thought was incredible. Not only have I never seen another car with this feature but I love that Mercedes Benz included the seat comfort of the back seat passengers in addition to the front seat passengers. Mind blown. Third, the two front seats had massage settings. I’m not kidding you. At least eight different massage settings (hot stone massage while driving, anyone?!) that even come with their own accompanying mood setting songs to fully immerse you in the experience. Lastly, the climate control in this car was incredibly intuitive. When put into “auto mode” the car actually brings itself to the perfect temperature. Not too cool, not too hot, which was amazing for someone like me who is always cold. I loved that it could adapt itself to whatever the weather was outside and create the perfect temperature inside the vehicle without me even having to touch a thing. Color me IMPRESSED.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how much I loved my experience with Autobahn Motors. Their staff were amazing, and new facility was breath taking, and the car itself was a dream to drive. What more could a girl want out of a partnership?

Thank you to Autobahn Motors for sponsoring this post. 


  1. Bumma
    March 9, 2018 / 7:30 am

    Luv’ed this post and your introduction to Autobahn Motors and especially to the incredible Mercedes Benz. What more could you want in a vehicle? Affordable luxury personified!

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