BabbleBoxx Festival Season Favorites

With music festival season coming up (who’s excited?!?!), it’s never to early to start getting all your essentials ready to go. If you have experienced a music festival before (I went to Outside Lands for the very first time last summer and had a blast!), you know that while you are out all day having the time of your life, being outside for long periods requires the correct products to help get you comfortably through the long day. Whether you’re heading out to dance across the desert with your favorite bands or you’re making your own festival line-up to groove to in your car, I’ve got a whole box of essentials that will make sure you’re festival ready!

Now, for my favorite part! I am going to walk you through each item that I received from BabbleBoxx. The first item are these incredible Zenni eyeglasses. If you have been following me for awhile, you know how much I love sunglasses so adding a new pair to my line up is always really exciting, especially when you are trying to plan your perfect festival outfits. One of my favorite parts of these Zenni sunglasses are that they are super light weight. For me, sunglasses can become really uncomfortable, especially if I’m wearing them all day long and not taking them off. However, this pair of Zenni shades are so light that you barely feel them, which is amazing if you are going to be wearing them all day long. This Zenni pair are a perfect match for your festival outfits (I would wear mine with a vintage band tee, a short denim skirt, and western style ankle boots!) because they not only protect your eyes but they pretty much make every outfit look even better. I mean, with so many customizable options, you can pretty much stock up on multiple pairs to bring with you, especially since prices start at under $7 (#WINNING). Plus, Zenni has so many different festival inspired sunglasses to pick from that I guarantee you’ll find yourself your own pair to obsess over!

Okay, next up is skincare related. Now that I’m in my 30’s, taking care of my skin is one of my biggest priorities. Whenever I know I’m going to be out in the sun all day, I try to look for the best way to help my skin recharge at night  to help it look it’s best the next day. This Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum is now coming everywhere with me when I travel. I don’t know about you, but when my skin has been exposed to a lot of sun, I want creamy and luxurious treatments to pamper my skin with. This Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum is perfect for that because this miracle product holds the power of a serum within a solid cream texture that your tired skin is guaranteed to soak up. When I am slathering this on at the end of the day, I love watching the cream melt into a serum as I apply it all over my face, neck, and chest. Not only does it feel amazing (hello at-home spa!), but the smell is so refreshing (think coconut mixed with the ocean! *swoon*) that it makes you feel like you are giving yourself a facial. Also, the morning after I apply it, my skin is so radiant and glowing that people always ask me what I’m using on my skin! It’s THAT good.

Now, let’s talk undies. Yeah, I said it. Undies and bras, ladies. I know I’m not alone when I say that what you wear under your cute festival outfit is as important as anything else as you prep for festival season. I’ve definitely been in a not-so-comfy bra and undies combo when I’ve been out all day long (aka, no way to change out of them) and it wasn’t pretty. This is why I have vowed to only wear comfy under garments like this Jockey Retro Stripe Collection set. Not only do these pieces look insanely cute paired together but I would absolutely love that I don’t have to worry about bra wires and wedgie prone undies getting in the way of me enjoying my favorite bands. This Jockey set actually moves with you, which makes me so happy. I would wear this cotton bralette under a semi sheer top (I want people to see how cute it is, duh!) with a zip up hoodie layered over the top. Since this bra fits super well, I would even wear this on it’s own under a light jacket with my super high waisted jeans for a super low key look that is guaranteed to get me through a fun festival day.

I always struggle with how to do my hair when I am going to be out at a festival all day long. I often curl my hair but this style can be high maintenance and especially tricky when battling the outdoor elements. For days spent outside, I prefer to wear my hair straight and I am so thankful to have this LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Styler in my festival tool belt. Since this specific styler provides the highest heat with the upmost hair damage protection, this is tool is the clear MVP when I’m getting ready for a fun day. Running this styler through my locks made my hair feel so soft and silky (must have been those keratin micro-conditioners that are infused into the ceramic plates of the flat iron!) that it made me want to wear my hair straight every day! A full day of outdoor festival music with my hair? Psh, no problem thanks to this LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Styler!

My feet are difficult, guys. A lot of shoes are not comfortable to me anymore (this is 32 years old I guess!) so I actually really stress over picking a pair of shoes when I know I’m going to be walking around a lot that day. When I went to Outside Lands last year, Jonny and I walked 10 miles just going back and forth between stages and I wore boots and now know that I should’ve worn tennis shoes. Thank goodness Earth Shoes have got my back with the comfiest slip on shoes for festival season! It could be the extra arch support and the toe and heel cushioning, but this pair of Currant slip on’s (in the beautiful Sapphire Blue) from Earth Shoes made my feet practically sigh with happiness and relief when I slipped them on. Can’t you imagine yourself wearing these for days on end? Not only are they slip on for easy on-the-go access, but the color is so perfect to pair with pretty much everything. Dresses, rompers, jeans! The options are endless.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my new festival season go-to’s! If you are making music plans for summer, definitely check out these products to get yourself prepared for festival season. You won’t regret it!

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