Floral Party


Even though it’s been absolutely freezing here in the Bay Area lately, I have spring on the brain. Even though I am a self-proclaimed winter lover, I absolutely adore floral prints. I discovered Rebecca Taylor a few years ago and her pieces are some of the only ones that have actually lasted through multiple closet clean outs. I feel like her floral prints really speak to me. They’re dainty but not childish, they’re unique but pairable with many different things, and I absolutely love how Rebecca Taylor utilizes Victorian details, like the beautiful high neck on this specific blouse. I just adore her floral prints and end up wearing them over and over again throughout the spring and summer months.
Also, have you guys ever tried GRLFRND denim? I am a huge fan even though they take forever for me to break in because they are 100% cotton, which to girls with big booties like yours truly translates to “they are tight AF” until they mold to your body. I think my are finally starting to break in, which is great because this pair is the perfect shade of blue. Not too light and not too dark, a shade which is actually much harder to find than you would think, and I have found myself reaching for them time after time.
I hope you have a glorious Monday!

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