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A lot of bloggers love transitioning their closets into new seasons. Not this blogger, guys. I actually find it a little stressful to start moving from my favorite past season items because I get super attached to my go-to pieces (MY FUR JACKETS! WHAT WILL I WEAR IF I CAN’T WEAR MY FUR JACKETS?!). Spring and summer are actually the hardest seasons for me to transition into because I feel like I never know what to wear. One minute it’s freezing cold (we’ve been hitting the mid to low 30’s in the Bay Area and this California girl is not equipped for this type of weather), the next warm and sunny, and the next raining and windy as all hell. It can be really frustrating for a gal like me who likes to plan out my outfits accordingly and not be blind sighted by some warm front when I’m wearing boots and a shearling jacket. However, with my friends at Tobi, I am actually REALLY excited about a couple of key transitional pieces that I know are going to become the new VIPs of my wardrobe. I present you…(drumroll please!)… this killer Tobi lace up body suit and this incredible Tobi sweater dress!
For us San Franciscans, we know we need to carry layers wherever we go. However, this Tobi lace up body suit and sweater dress are both perfect for transitional spring layering because they are so easy to pair with everything in your closet. For instance, I am loving this body suit with high waisted pants topped with a heavier jacket to ensure you are ready for whatever the day’s weather is going to throw your way. This body suit is actually a bit different for me because I usually don’t wear anything low cut. I was incredibly pleased with how this body suit fit and, since I always want to keep it real with y’all, I felt super sexy wearing it. I am so glad I took a chance and tried something new! Plus, this neutral color basically screams “WEAR ME WITH EVERYTHING” and I truly plan to. How cute would it be paired with a skirt or even denim shorts? Okay, and this sweater dress. First of all, the color is what initially sold me. As you know, I have been a huge sucker for anything in the pink family and this dusty rose color is so beautiful for spring. I also love the weight of this sweater dress. Not too heavy and not too light. Plus, the sleeves are the perfect. I loved that they weren’t skin tight light other sweater dresses that I’ve tried and they made the entire shape of the dress feel so easy breezy. Why not pair it with OTK boots like I did or even your favorite sneakers for a warmer day down the line? The possibilities are truly endless!
As a newbie to Tobi, I am absolutely sold on their beautiful pieces. Not only do their silhouettes truly flatter the body but their pieces are very well made. I loved the material of both the body suit and the sweater dress and have already worn these pieces multiple times since I received them. If you are in the mode to buy a few new transitional pieces for spring, head over to Tobi. I guarantee you will find something, or a bunch of things, to inspire you through this change of season.
Thank you to Tobi for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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