The Human Condition


San Francisco is a huge part of my personal identity. On my mom’s side, my sister and I are both fourth generation SF born, which I think is awesome. My grandma has lived in the city her whole life both my mom and dad grew up in the city as well. Jonny and I moved to the city going on seven years ago and since we moved here, I have grown very connected to San Francisco. I love the energy, the food, the neighborhoods, and the unique landscape that has become my home. One of my favorite parts of living in such an incredible city like San Francisco are the gems, like The Human Condition, that I stumble upon along the way.
Jonny and I live in Noe Valley, which is a beautiful neighborhood in SF. Where we live, we are very Mission District adjacent, which in my opinion, holds some of the best food and shops in the entire city. Jonny and I are constantly walking from Noe to the Mission (you can see us strolling Valencia at least twice a week) and about a month ago, I came across a beautiful corner shop called The Human Condition. It was closed when I discovered it, but I peeked in and knew that this shop was going to become a new favorite. Once I was able to peel myself away from the shop’s window, I hopped on my phone and started stalking The Human Condition’s Instagram account. I felt like our aesthetics really connected and I took a chance and DMed the owner (hi, Helen!) to ask if Shannon and I could come and shoot in her beautiful store. Helen was so gracious and opened up her store to us an hour before she opened for the day and Shannon and I were like two kids in a candy store. We were oohing and ahhing over every detail of the store. It truly feels like you’re walking into the chicest house that you would like to call your own and I feel like this is a genius way to present a shop to the world. Inside, you can find all sorts of goodies, like books, pillows, various jewelry items, candles, and even a real life Beauty and the Beast sliding library ladder. The Human Condition is HEAVEN.
I had such a great interaction with Helen that I decided to take an even bigger chance and ask her if she would be open to hosting a blogger event with me at her store. To my happy surprise, she was just as excited about co-hosting an event as I was! Together, we created an amazing event filled with fun florals provided by my friends at Henry’s Place, a glorious rosé tasting hosted by Californios, and food catered by my favorites at Media Noche and Nick Muncy of Toothache Magazine. One of my favorite things about blogging is connected with local SF shops and designers and I am so very glad to have connected with Helen and The Human Condition. If you are ever in SF, you must come check out The Human Condition because the entire shop is not only Instagrammable but everything that’s for sale will instantly make your home feel that much chicer.

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