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Outfit Details | Beanie (ASOS), Dress (Topshop, similar), Buffalo Check Shirt (J Crew), Knee High Socks (H&M), Shoes (Tibi Piper Boots), Vest (Zara), Purse (Coach).

San Franciscans are very much used to fog-filled days. However, figuring out what type of foggy day it will be can be much more difficult. Will it be foggy and cold? Foggy and humid? Foggy and windy? Over the years, I have found that the best way to combat foggy days is to dress in layers. This is something that every SF local will tell you. Layers, layers, layers. On this particular foggy day, it was cooooold. Obviously, not snow-on-the-ground cold, but there was enough of a chill for me to layer up with some of my coziest pieces, like my shearling vest and my faux fur pom beanie. Okay, I will use any excuse to wear these two items, but seriously, it was cold.

To add a little pop of color to a gloomy day, I added my striped dress and layered it over my new favorite checkered shirt from J Crew. Honestly, I am obsessed with flannel shirts right now and plan to wear them with everything all winter long. Just try to stop me!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mondays are beginning to seem a bit less gruesome since every Monday in December brings us closer to the holidays!!!

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