My J Crew Shoe Obsession (+Reviews!).


From Left to Right: J Crew Metallic Everly Wedge, J Crew Collection Calf Hair Leopard Etta Pumps, J Crew Patent Leather Etta Pumps, J Crew Mari Sandals, J Crew Suede Everly Pumps, J Crew Metallic Cap Toe Everly Pumps.

1.) J Crew Everly Pumps



These J Crew Everly pumps are by far my favorite shoe purchases. I have always had issues with shoes, especially heels, fitting my feet correctly. I’m pretty sure that one of my feet is a touch longer than the other so it can be difficult to find pumps that fit both feet correctly. Because of this issue, my toes seem to rub against the top of the toe box, which can be excruciating after awhile. I absolutely love wearing heels but find that I can only last about an hour until the balls of me feet start aching and/or the the back of the pump is rubbing against my heel and forming a painful blister. However, these Everly pumps are a game changer. Not only are they very light for a 3.5 in heel height, they actually fit both of my feet PERFECTLY! That’s right. No toe pinching, no rubbing whatsoever, and no achy feet after one hour of use. When I was researching this pumps, I found that most people found that they ran small. Typically, I have found that I take a size 9 in J Crew shoes, especially the pumps, because of the toe issue I mentioned. However, when I tried the Metallic Cap Toe Everlys, I found that the size 8 fit perfectly. I was shocked! When I tried on the black suede ones, I discovered that the size 9 fit better. What’s up with the sizing?? I would definitely recommend trying these on in the store because it seems as if every pair is different. These shoes are so worth every penny. I know I already mentioned how comfortable they are, but they really are comfortable! I even grocery shopped in my suede ones and I was surprised that my feet were not aching by the end. Win!

2.) J Crew Mari Sandals


The color of these sandals are amazing. You all already know that I’m a little obsessed with fuchsia, so picking these sandals was a no-brainer. Want to know the best part? I bought them for $30 from the store. I find that the best J Crew deals, especially for shoes, are in the retail store, not online. One thing that drives me crazy about purchasing items from J Crew’s website is the shipping cost. Am I right, ladies?! Okay, back to the sandals. These are an 8.5 and they fit perfectly. There is absolutely no rubbing (yay!) and the leather is so soft and buttery. They are pretty comfortable at a 3.5 in heel height and did not have any trouble with slippery feet, which is something that drives me crazy when I wear heeled sandals. Unfortunately, these have been packed away and stored for the winter months, but I cannot wait to break them out again in the spring!

3.) J Crew Etta Pumps

IMG_2949 IMG_2951

The Etta pump seem to be J Crew’s golden child in their shoe department. They make this style in so many different colors and have varying prices based on what is used to adorn each pair (i.e. calf hair leopard print, sequins, etc.). The cobalt patent Etta’s were my very first J Crew shoe purchase. I loved the color and they were described as “the perfect heel for girls that typically wear flats.” At the time, that basically described me in a nutshell! I did my research and found that these pumps also tend to run on the smaller side. I figured that I was a size 8 so I sized up to the 8.5. When I first put them on, they felt like the fit perfectly. However, after an hour or so, my toes felt pinched beyond repair. Ouch. I realized that they were probably a half size too small. Unfortunately, I realized this after I wore them outside. They are okay to wear for short periods of time, especially after I stretch them out with some thick socks. The Leopard Ettas are amazing. I sized up to a size 9 in these ones and these ones fit perfectly. The heel height on the Ettas are 3.75, which is a tad higher than I would like, but the chunky heel helps them feel sturdy when I walk. I find that when I wear them for extended periods of time, I still feel a slight pinch on my toes, but it’s worth enduring for how adorable they look with pretty much everything in my closet.

4.) J Crew Metallic Everly Wedge


First of all, I love the metallic silver on these wedges. Second of all, the heel height is 2.5 in, which makes them very wearable for work and play. Over the past few years, I have found myself drawn to the pointy toe on pumps. These are no exception and I find that they dress up any outfit. The metallic silver is very shiny and mirror like, which I happen to love. I took these in a 8.5 but could’ve sized up to a 9 if I wanted to. The leather is very comfortable and discovered that, after I broke them in, they easily molded to my feet. Honestly, when I wear these wedges, I feel like I’m wearing flats, which is a huge plus for someone who is on their feet for the majority of the day.


Thanks for reading!!! If you have any questions regarding J Crew shoes, leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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  1. Bumma
    December 24, 2013 / 7:04 pm

    I have double the number of shoes and absolutely nothing exciting…luv those fuchsia sandals.

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