Never Enough Animal Print

As someone who never once owned animal print clothing, I have to say, this season I am totally obsessed with it. Even though I always admired it on other people, I always felt like it looked cheesy on me for some reason. Well, I have 100% gotten over that stupid feeling and I am fully embracing it for the holiday season. I recently hosted a fun styling event at J Crew and fell in love with this velvet cheetah print. I mean, can you blame me? It’s so perfect for, well, EVERY occasion you have coming up. Holiday shopping? YEP! It looks chic and you’ll feel put together even though it feels like you’re wearing your favorite lounge wear. Thanksgiving dinner? YEP! These pants have an elastic waist so you have the green light for that second helping of Turkey and cranberries. Christmas tree lighting? YEP! It’s warm and cozy and perfect. The real question is what CAN’T you wear this outfit to this season?

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