Why You Need A Tan Suit In Your Life



To answer the above statement, everyone needs a tan suit in their lives…even YOU. I have always really admired suits but didn’t really think they would look good on me. Being tall, I didn’t really love how suit pants fit on me. They always seemed too low waisted for my high waisted needs and I didn’t love the thicker fabric that most suits were made out of. However, 2018 has been the year of suits for me. I had started to grow fond of co-ord outfits (matching pieces) and many of them were suit-like. I loved the matching simplicity and how chic the separates looked together that I kind of became obsessed. I really took the plunge when I bought my first suit from Zara right before NYFW this past September. My obsession with that suit quickly snowballed into a full blown love affair and I (very) quickly bought my second suit, again for Zara. Let’s be real for a quick sec. Zara pants, well really many pieces from Zara, don’t always have the best fit. However, the two suits that I bought from them this year literally fit me perfectly. It was shocking and also awesome because these suits feel like they could run in the $500 range, aka they look and feel VERY high end. This deeply pleases me. So, why do you need a tan suit in your life? Really, the more appropriate question is why DON’T you need one?! Honestly, when I wear this suit, I feel powerful. I feel chic. I feel beautiful. I feel sexy. It really does check all the boxes, which can be difficult for an outfit that pretty much covers up your entire body. However, this suit accomplishes all of those incredible things and I know I can wear this suit to pretty much anything and everything. Plus, a tan suit is a classic. You’ll have it forever and based on how I feel when I wear this suit, I have a feeling I’ll be reaching for it for many years to come.

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