Nob Hill Spa

San Francisco is filled with top notch spas, all of which are amazing, but none of them hold a candle to Nob Hill Spa. Located in the Scarlett Huntington Hotel, one immediately feels at home among the chic decor of the hotel lobby. The plush velvet chairs, rich colors, and gold accents immediately caught my eye and I loved exploring a little bit of the Scarlett Huntington Hotel’s lobby before Jonny and I checked into the spa. The spa is located just left of the lobby and the staff were so warm and welcoming. Once we were checked in, one of the spa staff gave us a tour of the facilities. As we were led down the stairs in to the spa itself, I had to stop and catch my breath. The view of the pool and balcony were enough to stop anyone in their tracks because the facilities are THAT stunning. With floor to ceiling windows letting in all the dreamy natural light, the pool area is perfectly lit and immediately puts you in a state of deep relaxation.

Once the facilities tour was complete, Jonny and I both changed in our prospective locker rooms and slipped into our spa robes and slippers, which is always so exciting to me. There’s nothing like putting on your special spa accessories that helps get your mind ready for a day of relaxation. On a side note, Nob Hill Spa is always two steps ahead of their guests and thinks of every single thing that you could possibly need during your stay. Razor? Check. ALL the hair products you could want? Check. Incredible showers? Check. Hair brush? Check. Oh, and those are only a few of the amazing amenities that they provide.

While you wait for your service, Nob Hill Spa encourages their guests to wait by the pool or even on the balcony so that their guests are always in a fluid state of relaxation. This was one of my favorite parts of the entire experience because I am very used to sitting in waiting rooms, which can be boring. Once your aesthetician or massage therapist is ready for you, they simply come to the pool area and locate you there. I loved being able to dip my feet into the hot tub and check out the incredible city views from the balcony before my appointment began. It really started things off on a great note.

As I was sipping on the delicious cucumber mint infused water (helloooooooo refreshment!), my aesthetician, Meagan, alerted me that it was time for my Carita Hydrating Lagoon Facial. Okay, time for a little real talk. Ever since I was 14, I have really struggled with my acne prone skin. Due to my hormonal acne, I often experienced cystic pimples that were not only extremely painful but very large. So fun, right? Now that I’m 31, I find that my acne issues have not completely left me. Beyond the acne issues, I also have extremely sensitive skin that just also happens to be very oily (jealous?). Every now and then, I experience break outs and sometimes a lovely cystic pimple pops up. Because I have these issues, I am VERY hyper-vigilient about my skincare routine and don’t often stray from my acne arsenal once I find products that work for me. Because of this, I always have anxiety about what I put on my skin. Facials can often be stressful for me because I am always worried that they are going to make me breakout. However, after meeting Meagan, I knew right away that I was in very good hands, literally!

With her incredible knowledge of everything and anything skin related, I felt incredibly comfortable talking to Meagan about all of my skin concerns. Meagan not only patiently listened to my nervous self go on and on about my acne-prone skin but she was also very accommodating with my freshly micro bladed eyebrows. When you get your eyebrows micro bladed, you are not supposed to get them wet for at least a week so I was a little concerned about getting them damp with the products that she was using. Meagan was so kind and very professional as she performed the entire facial without touching my eyebrows once! For that, I was extremely grateful!

Before I go into more detail about the facial that I received, you need to know that this was the best facial I have EVER had. With that said, Meagan gave me the Carita Hydrating Lagoon Facial. Here is a little breakdown of my experience:


After the initial skin analysis (I loved that Meagan really took her time to get to know my skin), the lagoon facial began with the Lagoon Cleansing Gellee applied to the face, neck, and decollete. An enzyme cleaner was then applied and you are set underneath a gentle steam for 6-8 minutes (ahhhhhhh) while the enzyme cleanser sets in; Meagan massaged the hands and arms with a soothing chamomile lotion during this process. After the hand and arm massage, Meagan placed my hands into these amazing heated mits that kept my hands toasty warm and helped the lotion really soak into my skin. It was AMAZING.


After removing the enzyme, Meagan performed gentle extractions and when I say gentle, I mean GENTLE. I barely even felt anything during her extraction process. The Lagoon Serum was then applied to bring more moisture to the face, neck and decollete (much needed!). Then, the Perfect Eye and Lip Cream (yassss) is applied to the eye area and a light eye massage is performed. Additionally, the Fluid de Beaute Gold oil was used on pressure points and to encourage lymph flow. A final mask was worked into the skin along with the Lagoon Creme to re-enforce the moisture already infused. Once this had a chance to settle into the skin, it was removed and a finishing layer of only the Lagoon Ideal Hydration Creme was applied. This blissful treatment ended with the Fluid de Beaute Gold oil applied across the neck and decollete and a wonderfully relaxing scalp massage completes the treatment. I was in heaven for the entire length of the facial!

When I walked out of my facial, I can’t tell you how relaxed I was. Additionally, I usually come out of facials looked like a blotchy mess from the extraction procedures (I told you, my skin is ultra sensitive to everything). Honestly, this was one of the reasons why I hadn’t had a facial in over a year. I was too scared of how my skin was going to react! However, when I looked at my face in the mirror immediately after my facial, my skin was GLOWING. I mean, my whole face was dewy and plump. I can honestly say that my skin looked amazing.

During my post facial bliss, Jonny and I enjoyed spending time in and out of the pool and whirlpool while we sipped on our infused water. We both felt incredibly relaxed and had the best time disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of the city and spending time decompressing together at Nob Hill Spa. When we left, we felt rejuvenated, happy, and most importantly taken care of by the amazing staff.

Thank you for having us, Nob Hill Spa! We can’t wait to come back!

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