Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas.
Mother’s Day is this weekend! Have you decided on what you are getting for the mothers in your life? Oftentimes, I find that Mother’s Day is geared toward drab presents for the home that scream “you’re 100 years old!” However, the moms in my life are very stylish and like what I like. So, I put together a little something something inspired by my own hip and stylish mother. You will find fun items ranging in price from low to high that I’m sure many mothers would like to call their own. However, every time I ask my mom what she would like for Mother’s Day, she always responds with “I just want to spend time with you and your sister.” Oh, I think we can arrange that! Happy shopping!

Skincare Tip

Skincare Tip
Just thinking about my acne-prone skin makes me want to hide my face from the rest of the world. Honestly, when I am breaking out, the last thing I want to do is hang out with a bunch of people or voluntarily enter a room with harsh overhead lighting. I have been struggling with acne since I was in high school and still have not found the perfect “cure-all” for my skin. It has literally taken me over a decade to realize that I have hormonal acne, for which, unfortunately, there is no cure. I find that my breakouts come in stages. Sometimes, my skin is clean and will remain that way for months, even a year. Over the past six months, I have had one of the first acne flare-ups ever. Now, when I saw “acne,” I don’t mean a few pesky little whiteheads that disappear in a couple of days. I’m talking about cystic nodules that appear in clusters and are extremely painful. After a ton of research, I finally made the connection that cystic acne is the direct result of hormonal acne. Awesome! Not. Anyways, I am always researching new products to use, especially since my drugstore regime has really not been helping my skin woes lately. Now that my research is more directed and I know what to look for (Google “Cystic Acne Regime” if you are also struggling). Since I always want to keep you guys up to date on my current beauty regime, here are some reviews of some of the new products that I have been using for the past couple of days that are ACTUALLY WORKING to treat MY type of acne (fingers crossed for long-term results):
DermaDoctor “Ain’t Misbehavin'” Cleanser 
I stumbled across this brand called DermaDoctor during my massive online product search. Since I am always skeptical of new products (I’ve probably tried every acne product under the sun), I read through hundreds of reviews for this product. To my surprise, almost everyone who wrote a review sounded like they were struggling with hormonal cystic acne like me! I ran out to my local Sephora and picked myself up a tube. It is pricey ($27), but the tube is completely packed. Some of the reviews said that one bottle of this cleanser lasted them three  months! Since I started using this face wash right at the beginning of an awful flare up, I was really able to see results as quickly as overnight. OVERNIGHT. Usually, once I have a cyst, it takes weeks, maybe even a month for it to completely go away. So embarrassing and extremely annoying. With this cleanser, you actually apply it to your dry face twice a day. I use my Clarisonic brush (not pictured) to make sure it really gets in nice and deep. Then, you just wash it off with warm water. I’m currently on day three and my cysts are almost COMPLETELY GONE! Also, it doesn’t dry out your skin, which is a huge plus for me because I am also lucky enough to have combination skin, both dry and oily.
DermaDoctor “Ain’t Misbehavin'” Serum
I have not tried this serum yet, but have just finished researching it. I will probably go and pick up a bottle the next time I’m at Sephora. I can’t wait to try more products from this beauty line. So far, I’m hooked.
Evening Primrose Oil
This is a gel capsule that I take every night before bed. While this has not cured my cystic acne, I find that it really does help with the healing process. I also find that my cysts do not stick around as long as they did before I started taking this supplement. Usually, dermatologists tell you to wait three months before you start to see results, so I am still waiting for the end of month three before I give you my final verdict.
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes
Since I need a try face before I apply the DermaDoctor facial cleanser, I have been using these wipes to get rid of all my makeup. So far, they are fantastic. Even a week ago, the thought of putting one of these wipes on my face would have scared me since I usually break out when I use a new  product. However, they have been a great compliment to the DermaDoctor cleanser. They are light and smell so amazing that they are a joy to use.
Josie Maran Argan Oil “Light”
This is my go-to moisturizer that I use at night before heading to bed. It thoroughly hydrates my skin without feeling too heavy or slick. I find that this product also works well with my combination skin and helps my skin feel soft by the time I wake up in the morning.
I hope that this helps even one person who is struggling with cystic acne. I know how hard it can be from years of experience. Usually this is a very difficult subject for me to talk about because I really don’t like calling attention to my not-so-perfect skin. However, this is important to me and I hope that you can use the information that I have gathered for yourself and/or that you can tell a friend about it!