Our Sedona Stay At Amara Resort and Spa

This was my very first trip to Arizona and both Jonny and my first trip to beautiful Sedona. We were very excited to be surrounded by the majestic red rock and couldn’t have experienced a better location than the Amara Resort and Spa to make our stay even more special. Our friends Sarah and Robbie were actually the ones that introduced us to this resort and from my very heavy Instagram stalking, I had a feeling that the Amara Resort and Spa was going to blow us away. I was RIGHT.

When you arrive in Sedona, you already feel like you are somewhere special. The flow of traffic slows as everyone is taking in the natural surroundings of the red rock (it is truly breathtaking!) and the city of Sedona feels intimate but bustling with life, even during the hot months of summer. The Amara Resort and Spa is located right in the middle of everything, which was amazing. As you take your turn of the main street, you drive down a windy paved road to the oasis that is the Amara Resort and Spa. Instead of being right on the main street in the middle of the hustle and bustle, I felt like the Amara Resort and Spa was nestled right up against the red rock and I noticed right away how quiet the resort was, which was perfect for the rest and relaxation all four of us were looking for.

When you drive up to the resort, the valet is right there to greet you and this service is included in your stay, which is incredible! It felt like pure luxury to have your car taken care of right away when you pull up instead of having to worry about where to park your car or how much it’s going to cost you to park at your hotel. Amara Resort and Spa takes care of this service for you, which is amazing. When you walk into the lobby, I felt immediately at ease. The lobby was cool and serene, perfect for this San Francisco girl will never get used to the Arizona summer heat. I also loved that they provided citrus water and iced tea all day for their guests, which we frequented throughout our stay. In them mornings, we found out that they have a coffee service available as well, which is such a lovely thing to offer resort guests.

We brought our bags up right away to the room because we couldn’t wait to explore the resort. We loved our room as we had a balcony that overlooked the babbling creek and red rock, which felt magical. One thing I should mention about Sedona, was that the weather is slightly cooler since you are higher elevation wise. SCORE! The Amara Resort and Spa is truly in the most ideal location. They have fire pits dispersed throughout the center of the property and lots of seating options for guests. The most breathtaking aspect of the Amara Resort and Spa was that the center of the resort has the most spectacular red rock view, which included the “Snoopy” rock formation, which I got a kick out of. The Amara Resort and Spa also provided games like a huge Connect Four and Corn Hole, which were fun to play once the sun went down. At night, you could watch the moon rise over the red rock from Amara Resort and Spa’s stunning infinity pool and even watch the tiny little bats fly overhead. It really felt like you had been transported somewhere magical.

Because the Amara Resort and Spa is perfectly located off of main street, you can actually walk up to shop/dine OR the resort could provide you with a free shuttle to anywhere you needed to travel to in town. How awesome is that?! We ended up taking a Pink Jeep tour of Sedona, which was a great way to see the sights of Sedona. Make sure you book your travel with the actual Pink Jeep company as we found out that there are quite a few time share companies located on the main street that are advertising very inexpensive jeep tours but that they just try to sell you on their timeshare pitch. Lame. We loved that the Amara Resort and Spa was so close to everything that we could really walk to anywhere in town, which was very convenient.

We also ate at the Amara Resort and Spa’s in house restaurant, SaltRock, which was fantastic. We basically ordered every appetizer but my favorite was the delicious deviled eggs. They were drizzled in honey and so decadent! Overall, the food at the Amara Resort and Spa was delish. We loved our experience at SaltRock and also loved our girls “breakfast in bed” moment. It truly feels like the Amara Resort and Spa wants to take care of your every need and thinks of every little thing that you will need to feel your most relaxed. Speaking of relaxation, all four of us had spa treatments. I ended up with an hour long facial and Jonny opted for an hour long massage. Lets just say that at the end of our treatments, we were both so relaxed that Jonny almost fell asleep in their relaxation room.

If you have never been to Sedona before or you are looking to revisit this magical place, I highly recommend staying at the Amara Resort and Spa. Because the Amara Resort and Spa takes your every need into consideration, you will feel taken care of and entirely relaxed during your stay. You will not find a better location with a more stunning view of the natural wonders that Sedona is famous for so if you are planning a trip here, check out the Amara Resort and Spa for all of your relaxation and vacation needs.

A huge thank you to the Amara Resort and Spa for hosting us during our stay.

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