Who Wears Short Shorts?

Okay, I’m going to say it. I HATE SHORTS. Hate them. Like, with a passion hate them. They never fit me right and they make me feel horrible about myself. I either have to order shorts like 2-3 sizes too big to not make my ass and thighs feel like they’re being smothered but then they are HUGE in the waist or buy them in my regular size and then they are way too small in the thighs and butt. UGH! It’s so annoying! I actually swore off shorts and told myself they were just not for me…until I found this Ulla Johnson pair. It shouldn’t surprise me that my favorite designer made the most perfect shorts for my body, but to be honest, I was shocked that I liked how they looked and felt on me. They are very high waisted, which is perfect for me, and because they are a “wide leg” opening, they actually fit my legs and butt PERFECTLY. In fact, do I dare say that I think I look GOOD in them?! It’s true! I actually do feel amazing in them. So, it goes without saying, I am obsessed with these shorts and have been wearing them all summer. These will live in my wardrobe forever, or until I wear them out, because I know just how hard it is to find shorts that fit. Thank you, Ulla Johnson, for always understanding women’s bodies!

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