Feeling Alive

During the summer months, I do find that I love lighter colors that represent my overall lightness of mood. My friends always poke fun at me for saying this, but summer time is when I come alive. I love the temperate weather in the Bay Area, the freedom to do what I want, and the ability to take a break from my job as a school counselor. It’s nice to be present in who I am and do what I want instead of sticking to a rigorous routine where I feel like I don’t have a lot of flexibility. As much as I like my job it’s nice to get some distance from it for a couple months. I realize this is a luxury and I feel lucky to have it, especially since it allows me to focus on my other job, blogging! Blogging helps me with my creativity and having the time off in the summer allows me to fully dedicate my time and energy to it, which feels amazing. So really, the summer months allow me to focus on myself, which doesn’t happen much during the school year when I am “on” all the time. I am so thankful for these summer months and I always will be!

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