Ulla Johnson Dress

When it comes to anything Ulla Johnson styles, I am convinced she can do no wrong. I have loved Ulla Johnson for many many years and I don’t really ever see myself NOT wearing her pieces in the years to come. To be completely honest, I don’t love spending lots of money on one piece but I have found that I have kept my all Ulla Johnson pieces (even the very first dress I bought 6 years ago!) and rewear them constantly. Can I share a not-so-secret secret with you? One of my biggest blogging dreams is to attend Ulla Johnson’s runway show during NYFW at least once. As much as I admire so many other talented designers, Ulla just speaks to my soul and it would make my life to see her pieces flow down the runway. Maybe one day this will happen and until that day comes, I will continue putting my dream out there into the universe in hopes that it will come true!

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