Why Is Red An Intimidating Color?

No, but really, why IS red such an intimidating color to wear? Maybe I’m alone in this but I have found others that feel similarly and I’m going to try and deconstruct why it’s hard for ladies to incorporate the boldness of red into their wardrobes. For me personally, red really stands out in my closet. I feel like a lot of other colors that I wear tend to work better with pink or neutral tones, which makes me less likely to buy items that are solid red, like this Song of Style top. When worn with blue jeans or anything else blue, I feel like a lot of red can give off a “patriotic” red, white, and blue vibe, which I usually don’t go for unless it’s 4th of July. Also, red feels like a bold choice and if you’re an introvert like me and don’t like people looking at you, it can feel very statement-y. I’ve learned to let go of this last point because I’m becoming much more confident in my own skin and I think the color red compliments that new found confidence in the perfect way. I have been trying to incorporate a lot more red into my wardrobe as of late and I have to say, I’m loving how it pops in my wardrobe. I also like that red really compliments my skin tone (I always get lots of compliments when I wear a lot of red), which in turn, makes me feel even more confident. Throughout my whole life, I have met so many girls that tell me that certain colors are “off limits” to them. Whether it’s been someone who has told them they “can’t” wear a certain color or they don’t feel like they can “pull off” bold colors, almost every woman I know has one or a few colors that they have completely cut off from their wardrobe and I think that’s just plain silly. I mean, I was in that group not that long ago but now that I have experimented with more bold colors like red (the most intimidating to me!), I find that just re-trying forbidden colors can actually help you overcome your aversion to them AND maybe you’ll even discover a new love for a new-to-you color!

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