Party Dress (It’s Friday!).

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Outfit Details | Jacket (Free People), Dress (Zara, old but love this one and this one), Shoes (J Crew, similar style), Purse (Zara, old), Necklace (Jennifer Zeuner), Sunglasses (Forever 21), Lipstick (MAC “Heroine”), Earrings (Rue Gembon).

Having a sister who is also your best friend means amazing hang outs and another closet that you can borrow clothes from. Luckily, my sister is awesome and pretty much always lets me borrow clothes from her awesome wardrobe (thanks, Ar!). This Zara dress may be one of my favorites of hers and, even though she’s owned it for about three years, today is my first day actually wearing it. Since Friday is the most celebratory day of the week, I figured it would be the perfect day to wear this baby out! The structured tulip shape and the silver threading throughout make for such a fun party dress. Or, in this case, a fun day dress to wear around town.

Sometimes, I feel a strong call to toughen up some outfits even though I typically lean toward more feminine styles. Lately, I’ve been feeling the tougher vibe, especially mixed with a black and white palate. To break up the black and white, I added my new favorite mirrored sunglasses and my matching cobalt heels for a major pop of color.

Jonny and I are still staycationing and having an amazing time. Yesterday, we went to the California Academy of Sciences because Jonny had never been (pictures to come next week!). It has been so nice spending so much time together and just playing each day by ear. We don’t have to rush to get home at a decent hour, we can leisurely walk around the city, and spend the days making each laugh with our ridiculous baby voices. I know, we’re gross. 🙂

Have a great weekend. See you Monday!!

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