SF Fall Guide x Veronica Beard / Dandelion Chocolate

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to the third and final installment of my SF Fall Guide x Veronica Beard series! It has been so much fun showing off some of my favorite Mission neighborhood spots that I have been frequenting for, like, ever alongside a few of my favorite Veronica Beard fall pieces. For my last spot, I chose Dandelion Chocolate. I mean, how could I not? Not only is the interior beautiful in the most industrial feeling way (they make all their chocolate right there in house!) so you can imagine how amazing it smells when you walk inside. I am in love with any place that literally surrounds with you chocolate. Oh, so not only does Dandelion Chocolate smell amazing but they have so many chocolate samples out for their customers to taste while they wait near the register. Genius!
When I went to Italy a few summers back, one of the most memorable things that I tried for the first time was European style sipping chocolate. Now, some of you might see the words “sipping chocolate” and just think about the hot chocolate that you can order at Starbucks. I’m NOT talking your average hot chocolate. Sipping chocolate is the most decadent liquid chocolate drink that you can imagine. It’s rich, delicious, and the chocolate taste doesn’t get watered down by any other liquid! Dandelion Chocolate’s sipping chocolate is among my favorites that I’ve tried. In addition to the rich chocolate taste, Dandelion also gives you a homemade little cookie to enjoy in addition to your drink. If you take your drink to go (I always do this because I like to walk and sip!), Dandelion has created the most genius cookie sleeve for your to-go cup so you don’t have to miss out on the cookie if you can’t enjoy your drink in the store. They think of everything!
The routine of ordering Dandelion’s sipping chocolate has become a favorite fall and winter treat of mine. Speaking of cooler temps, pairing this GORGEOUS Veronica Beard shearling jacket and beautiful dark floral maxi dress with my favorite hot drink seemed like a match made in heaven. Floral prints for fall and winter have grown much more popular over the past few years. I love the moodier vibe that they give off and they help create such beautiful and unique outfit combinations. I remember seeing both of these pieces at NYFW in February, and I was blown away by the styling and details that made each piece feel so special. Take this shearling jacket for instance. I am absolutely obsessed with how the white and black compliment each other (who doesn’t love white and black?) and how the white shearling makes this piece so perfect for the colder months, especially since I’m a big fan of winter white outfits.  I also loved the length, cropped but not too cropped, for pairing with dresses, skirts, and even high waisted pants. I am already planning to wear both these pieces all fall and winter so I hope you’re ready to see them throughout the upcoming seasons!
Thank you to Veronica Beard for sponsoring this post.

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