SF Fall Guide x Veronica Beard / Smitten Ice Cream

Even in the fall, San Francisco doesn’t feel very fall like. In fact, September and October are notoriously our hottest months of the year, which could create a style problem for a fall lover like me (hello, I WANT TO WEAR LAYERS!). However, the warmer temps just mean I get to keep treating myself to one of my favorite treats in SF, Smitten Ice Cream! I know, I live a tough life. Smitten Ice Cream has become one of the most popular go-to places to indulge in sweet frozen goodness (aka ice cream) in this beautiful city of mine and I totally get it. Their flavors are incredible (Earl Grey ice cream?! Sign me up!) and their homemade, freshly made waffle cones can be smelled down the block. BUT the most incredible part about Smitten Ice Cream is that they make everything fresh to order with liquid nitrogen. Yes, LIQUID NITROGEN. It’s so cool (pun intended!) to watch them make each order because the liquid nitrogen quickly freezes the ice cream and creates a beautiful fog, which very much resembles SF’s own Karl the Fog! Oh, and pro-tip, always get the rainbow sprinkles on top of your ice cream. They are some of the best sprinkles I’ve had (think fruity pebbles…)!
So, let’s get back to my beloved layering. Yes, my name is Tamryn and I am a layering addict. I just love it! I think layering can add so much dimension to any outfit and it just screams fall and winter, which just so happen to be my favorite seasons of the year. When I was at NYFW, I was actually pulled and quizzed by the Veronica Beard team about my knowledge around dickey’s, which just so happen to be one of things they are most famous for. In case you are thinking “what the hell is a dickey?” let me enlighten you. Do you see that white sweater with the navy and red stripes peeking out from inside my Veronica Beard blazer? Well, GUESS WHAT? It’s not an actual sweater! It’s a dickey, a zip-in sweater looking piece that makes it look like I’m wearing a sweater WITHOUT having the bulk of the sweater taking up a lot of space under your blazer. Is that not genius? All you do is zip in the sides of the dickey, button the neck park to the inside collar of the blazer, and, if your dickey come with sleeve attachments, button them to the inside of each blazer sleeve and voila! You look like you’re a layering genius and you didn’t even have to try hard. All you had to do is utilize Veronica Beard’s dickey and you are good to go! Speaking of this amazing dickey, does it not look incredible with this pair of Veronica Beard denim? I am obsessed with them together because the pops of reds and blues really compliment each other. Also, Veronica Beard is new to the denim game but hot damn, you would never know it because they have seriously knocked it out of the park with this pair.
Thanks to Veronica Beard for collaborating with Wannabe Fashion Blogger on this post.

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