Shorts Suit


Wanna know a not-so-secret secret? I hate shorts. Well, I should rephrase and say I hate wearing shorts but love the idea of them on other people. Being tall and well-endowed throughout my bottom half, shorts are kind of the devil. They NEVER fit because it order for shorts to fit over my butt, I need to size up (sometimes multiple sizes), which means the waist will always be to big/the fit totally goes to shit. Also, they always ride up in the front making for a not-so-comfortable outfit day (me constantly pulling my shorts out of my lady parts/butt crack is not attractive. It just ISN’T!). So, instead of dealing with the above annoyances, I just stopped wearing shorts all together. However, at the beginning of the summer, I saw this shorts suit and thought, damn, that’s shorts suit is FIRE. As I held the two pieces in my hands, a PTSD shorts induced memory came back to me and I instantly started sweating. BUT, I decided to listen to my gut reaction, which was to try on the suit and just see how it looks. I grabbed a size up in the shorts (a 10 as opposed to my usual 8) and headed to the dressing room. When I put the suit on, I actually gasped when I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked GOOD and I really loved how the shorts fit. But my bad history with shorts came flooding through my head making me doubt my love for this outfit. As a way to try and talk myself out of buying it, I said to myself “well, once I move around in them, I’ll see that they will ride up and look horrible on me.” So I slowly moved around the dressing room. Hmm. No ride-upage. So I jumped around in them. The shorts still looked great! Then I took an Instastory of me in the outfit and you guys loved it, too! Well, I loved it enough to buy it and you know what, it has become one of my favorite outfits of the summer. I feel amazing every time I wear it and I really think it’s because these shorts were made for my body type. Sure, they are a little loose at the top but the belt helps make it not look so obvious and the blazer creates a very defined shorts look, which until now I didn’t think was possible. Friends, it just goes to show that you shouldn’t give up on something just because you’ve had bad past experiences with that “something.” Sometimes, you’re just not finding the right fit or the right cut and/or even a brand new designer could help you achieve the look you’ve been wanting. Don’t give up! You’re version of my perfect polka dot shorts suit may be just around the corner.

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