Western Details


Over the past couple of years, I have really grown to love western inspired details. If I’m being really honest, I’ve loved them every since I was a kid. I was really obsessed with all things related to Anne of Green Gables aka Prairie chic at it’s greatest. I really love incorporating prairie inspired details into my looks, especially my summer looks when all I want to do is frolic through golden fields at golden hour. Summer is just so dreamy! I actually found this Zimmermann dress on major sale on one of my favorite shopping sites, MatchesFashion, and I love the high neck lace details and the lightly embroidered florals on the skirt. Honestly, Zimmermann does details so well that their pieces have become way worth the splurge for me. Granted, I do wait for many of my favorite (aka more expensive) pieces to go on sale, but I still find myself drooling over every piece I lay eyes on. Good thing I’m patient!

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