Embracing The Mini Dress

This summer, dresses are my jam. Long dresses, midi dresses, mini dresses, I want them all. I used to shy away from short dresses because I didn’t love showing off my legs, especially since I’m tall (almost 5’10”) and I felt like short dresses were always too short on my body. However, thanks to all the SoulCycle I’ve been doing, I’ve been feeling more confident than ever and I am really liking short dresses this season. It’s not even about the look of my legs or my height because those mostly look the same but SoulCycle has really boosted my confidence when it comes to loving my body. Thanks to the community feeling of love and acceptance, I find myself having much more of an appreciation for my body and how strong it really is. So, instead of shying away from styles I thought I “couldn’t wear,” I’m wearing whatever the hell I want and showing off my inner and outer strength while I’m at it and guess what? I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

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