Pretty In Pink


It probably doesn’t surprise you that this dusty shade of pink is my favorite. I love that it almost acts as a neutral but at the same time, it evokes such feelings of femininity that I can’t help but smile when I wear this sweet color. I bought these pants at the beginning of the summer and I have been wearing them non stop since I first put them on. I love that they are super comfortable and that they have a high rise waist (praise be for the high waist!!) so I can wear them with a variety of different pieces. I loved pairing them with one of my favorite tops to date since this top is on the more cropped side for my long torso. Basically, these two have created the perfect combo. Now, the real question is how can I make it okay for me to wear these pieces everyday? For me, it’s difficult when I find pieces I love because all I want to do is wear them constantly (obsessive much?), which is 100x harder when you are a blogger and you’re supposed to be changing it up for your audience so they can shop new things. But, really, I am a creature of habit and guess what? I REWEAR CLOTHES I LOVE. Sorry, but really I’m not sorry at all because that’s how you’re supposed to feel about the clothes you wear.

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