The Brand That Convinced Me To Like Summer


If I had to pick one brand that I owe my newish found love of summer dressing to, that brand would be Reformation. I have found that I have absolutely no self control when it comes to shopping at this store. Fortunately for my wardrobe and unfortunately for my wallet, there is a Reformation store within walking distance from where I live and another one that just opened up in SF a couple of months ago. So, not only do I obsessively stalk Reformation’s new arrival section online, but I also stalk it in store. The employees know me by name, Jonny has a favorite spot on the couch that he is very used to waiting on while I browse, and I basically drag all my friends there at some point whether they like it or not. Pre-Reformation aka the dark days of summer, I dreaded summer clothes. I just didn’t really know how to dress for warmer temps and I didn’t really love showing a ton of skin so I felt like my options were really limited. Also, I felt (and still feel) that a lot of summer prints and colors are ultra cheesy. I am pretty picky when it comes to prints and I feel that most summer prints tend to look a little cheap in my honest opinion. So yeah, I would dread dressing for the sun because I just sort of felt…lost. Enter Reformation. Each piece is effortless, can be worn together or as separates, there are no cheesy prints in sight, and their pieces actually fit REALLY well, which is surprising since I am really tall. A lot of my petite friends have issues with this because they feel like Reformation is made for tall girls but I’ve seen many petite girls pull of their pieces as well AND Reformation has also come out with their own petites line to help with that issue so THERE. So, long story short, I have Reformation to thank for my summer wardrobe and I will continue to add many more pieces to my closet because I just can’t seem to say no to their new arrivals.

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