Sisters In NYC



If you have followed me for awhile, you probably know that my sister (Ariana) and I are very close. We have been best friends for our entire lives and have always shared a really special and unique relationship. Ariana and I are always perplexed when we hear that siblings are close since we honestly can’t imagine our lives without the other in it. Growing up, our parents always emphasized how important we were to each other and that really stuck. We truly understand each other and love being together. So…
What makes sisters the best kind of friends?
1.) History: No one can top sisters’ history. They literally grew up together. They’ve seen the highs, the lows, the in-betweens. Essentially, they know YOU.
2.) Inside Jokes: They make you laugh harder than anyone else just by making a stupid noise or sending you a boomerang of your family cat demonstrating her general lack of personal space.
3.) Travel: Sisters make the best travel companions because they put up with all your shit, and I mean ALL your shit. They let you stretch your leg out on their side of the plane seat even if that means giving up some of their own space or clean up your projectile vomit when you get food poisoning at the beginning of a 15 hour plane ride home (this actually happened).
4.) They Like You For You: Sisters genuinely like being around each other and often choose to hang with each other because of #1
5.) Love: A sister’s love is strong. I mean, really strong. Sisters will literally die for each other. That’s intense love.
Being grown adults with busy lives, it can be hard to make time to have real quality time together. Of course, we see each other quite often as our family is very close, but we had not gone on a “sister’s only” trip for years. Earlier this year, Ariana and I decided that we wanted to take a vacation together and we landed on NYC. New York is a very special place for us since our dad grew up in Brooklyn and a lot of his side of the family still lives there. We spent months planning all the places we wanted to experience and would text each other about how we couldn’t wait to take NYC by storm. Not going to lie, most of our itinerary revolved around food because DUH but really, we were most excited about getting to spend so much quality time together.
Well, to sum everything up, our trip was incredible. We spent our days walking around with a loose itinerary (we were walking up to 10 miles a day!), laughing, talking, and connecting. The day that we did this “sister shoot” might’ve been my favorite day. We both had our very first DryBar blowout experiences followed by a fun shoot with Lauren of Laurel Creative, who I had met during NYFW last February (highly recommend shooting with her if you are going to NYC). After our shoot, we went one of our most highly anticipated restaurants, The Sosta, and stuffed our faces with some of the best pasta I ever had. There was something very special about this one day and I know it’s because we were experiencing it together.
We didn’t do any of the super touristy things and instead focused our time on taking in the city one day at a time. We did spend time with our family in Brooklyn, which was great, but most of the time it was just the two of us and I loved it. Ariana is someone who I am 100% comfortable being around and it was so much fun spending this time together. Whether it was laughing about crouching over our tiny hotel bathroom sink while washing our faces (water went EVERYWHERE), jamming sour straws into our mouths at 10:30 pm, stumbling upon our “must see” places while exploring, or getting hypes randomly throughout the day, I had the best time being in New York with Ariana. It really reminded me how important sister time is and I can’t wait for our next trip together!

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