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Outfit Details | Sweater (Doen via Reformation), Jeans (Reformation), Belt (Gucci), Sunglasses (Celine), Purse (Gucci), Shoes (Stuart Weitzman)

It should probably come as no surprise when I say I LOVE REFORMATION. I have grown quite fond of this brand over the past year or so and their pieces are what I gravitate toward the most. I love that each piece feels special and unique but also that their clothes are ethically made in small batches. When Reformation and Doen (another brand that I truly love) collaborated a few months ago, it was as if the heavens aligned and angels were singing just for me. This is basically my dream collab. Two of my favorite LA based designers coming together to create magic was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard…and then I laid eyes on this sweater. This sweater. The softest, most gorgeous, beautiful chunky knit sweater I have ever seen in my life. It’s not itchy, it folds perfectly when you tuck it into your jeans, and it just screams “I’M COZY AF!” One of my favorite gals at Reformation SF (hi, Kate!) warned me that if I was going to try on this sweater, I better be prepared to buy it because it was THAT good. Not only was she not wrong (I bought it right out of the fitting room) but this sweater has become my favorite sweater in my closet.

Now, these jeans are also a favorite piece of mine. When I first saw them teased on Reformation’s Instagram I knew that I had to have them. I have had a love hate relationship with Ref’s jeans as I couldn’t seem to find a pair that worked for me so while I was excited to try them, I was also a bit nervous that they wouldn’t fit right due to my denim track record with this brand. Long story short, I truly believe these are the best fitting jeans I have ever owned. The fit, the higher rise, and the straight cut are everything I want in a perfect jean. I literally wear these jeans 3-4 times a week and I can’t help but feel disappointed every time I wear another pair of denim because they’re THAT good. If I were you, I would click through my link to the jeans above and grab yourself a pair before they sell out again because it’s looking like they’re already going FAST.

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