Spring Gingham

This happens to me every year. One I start prepping my wardrobe for spring, all I want to wear is gingham. I feel like gingham is the epitome of spring style for me. It’s fun, it reminds me of picnics in the warm sun, and it’s really easy to pair with a bunch of different things. I recently picked up this gingham top from Zara and I absolutely love it. Not only can I wear it as a long sleeve top (I always prefer long sleeves!) but you can push up the cuffs a bit to make the upper part of the sleeve a little bit more voluminous, which is super fun. I can’t wait to wear this top all spring and summer! Do I dare pair it with my favorite red gingham skirt?! We shall see!
As you know, lately I have been favoring jeans and t-shirt looks because they are so freaking easy. Plus, with the right jeans (like this pair of GRLFRND denim!) you can elevate any outfit. I love a good pair of high waisted jeans and this pair might be the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever worn. I love the color (not too dark and not too light) and the fit is snug (they are 100% cotton), which I actually prefer. My jeans tend to stretch out in the waist and droop down so finding 100% cotton options is key for me!

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