Tie It Up


When it comes to clothing, I get really excited when I find amazing tops. I know that probably seems really weird because I’m literally talking about tops but you guys, it’s actually really hard for me to find awesome tops. Sweaters? Got that down. Jackets? Expert. But tops? Not so much. I think because I’m tall tops don’t always hit me right. They’re either too short (not into crop tops) or nothing lines up correctly, which is super annoying. I usually just stick with things I know will work, which is much easier for me in the winter because I can basically wear a black turtleneck every day and be done with it but spring and summer are real tough for me.
However, I found this top months ago. Surprisingly, I saw it first in person! I know, I know! Living in the age of online shopping, this RARELY happens now. Side note: I actually kind of miss shopping for things in person because I still love the ritual of “going shopping” but I digress. Anyway, I loved this top at first sight because the quality is INCREDIBLE. I have a bunch of other tops by this designer and I have never been let down by both the quality and fit. This top was a little bit of a risk for me because of the back. While I love the tie, I was worried it would show too much back and risk an occasional love handle slip. But you know what? It’s actually pretty damn perfect and I love the fit. Long story short, tops are hard for me but this one wowed me. You should also buy it, just saying.

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