The Fluffier The Coat The Better

Some people might say that I look like Elmo in this coat but I think I look like one big walking festive bundle of holiday joy. This coat is definitely a statement piece (I bought it last year from Nordstrom, it’s by Topshop) and I love the beautiful deep red color and the teddy bear effect. It’s just so FUN. I typically stick to neutral coats during the winter but this one called my name and I’m glad it’s mine. Also, because it’s oversized, it’s one of the few coats in my closet that actually work with the baby bump right now. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. With Christmas right around the corner (how is tomorrow night already Christmas Eve!?), this coat makes the perfect topper for any holiday gathering or event you may have. Jonny, myself, and the rest of my family are busy getting ready to celebrate the holiday together. As of last year, we made it a new tradition to spend the Christmas Eve at our home and we host my family for the evening. It was so fun last year and I’m glad that we will be continuing this tradition with Baby Beeb next year!

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