The Marvelous Mrs. Miller

There is nothing I love more than finding an awesome binge worthy TV show. Now, there are some TV shows that are only binge worthy and not necessarily high quality. For example, I just finished YOU, a Netflix original show about a guy who stalks a girl he is obsessed with. Perfect example of a binge worthy show. Enough to keep me entertained but would I say it was an excellent show? Probably not. Over the past couple of months, all I’ve been hearing about is the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and how amazing it is. I finally sat down one night and was instantly hooked. The writing, the costumes, the acting, the premise, holy crap, everything was incredible. If you haven’t heard anything about it, the show is about a young Jewish woman living in New York during the 1950’s. She’s married, comes from a well to do family, and is the ideal house wife with two young children. Her husband, Mr. Maisel, has a great career that earns quite a bit of money and his hobby is comedy. However, he’s terrible at it. Mrs. Maisel gets a taste for comedy and, without saying too much, stumbles into it and has a natural talent for it. I absolutely love how creative this show is and how much confidence and guts Mrs. Maisel has. I’ve now finished both seasons (anxiously waiting for the 3rd) and since I miss Mrs. Maisel’s incredible style, I decided to dress like her. Growing up, I always joked with my family and friends that I was meant to live during the 1950’s purely for the fashion and Mrs. Maisel is reigniting that love all over again. I’ve had this dress (part of the Blair Eadie Atlantic Pacific Nordstrom collection) for months and I am quite embarrassed that I have not posted about it until now. BUT I think it’s a dress that Mrs. Maisel would have 100% approved of so it’s as if my obsession with the show and my love of this beautiful dress some how came together at the perfect time for a magical blog post dedicated to both. I don’t think I’ve had a dress fit me this well in quite some time. Remember my obsession with 1950’s fashion? Well, one of the reasons I am so obsessed with this decade comes down to one style: A-Line. A-line style dresses and skirts work best for my figure and wow, this dress delivers on that. I love the fuller skirt and the lace details. It makes me feel feminine without feeling stuffy, which is hard to pull off in a more conservative dress. However, these bows and puff sleeve details are far from boring and make the dress so fun to wear. In fact, I’ve now started calling myself the Marvelous Mrs. Miller because Mrs. Maisel’s confidence both in style and in life have 100% rubbed off on me in the best way.

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