Black and Blonde

Happiness is an all black outfit. No seriously, I love wearing all black. It feels so chic and badass at the same time. Plus, it makes such a statement. Now that I’ve joined the Blondes Have More Fun team, I have to say, wearing an all black outfit has a whole new feeling to it. My blonde hair seems to pop even more against the black and I am loving it.  It’s about time that I am showing off this incredible puffer jacket that I bought a couple months back. Honestly, it’s so warm that I haven’t really had a chance to wear it until these last few weeks because it’s so toasty, but now I think it would’ve been worth sweating my ass off in because it’s SO good. Nanushka a new designer to me and I am loving their bold and edgy styles. The high neck collar, the croc affect detailing, and the overall shape had me at hello. Actually, it seems like they’ve had everyone at hello because these coats were all over fashion weeks and have been consequently sold out everywhere. One of my favorite parts of this coat is that it’s super warm but also really lightweight, which is incredible. Nothing is worse than feeling swallowed up by a coat, amiright? Hoping I’ll be able to wear this beauty a few more times this winter but you never know with SF weather. If you’re thinking about investing in a great puffer jacket, I highly recommend this one!

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