January is a really hard month for me…and from what I’ve heard around me, it seems like it’s a super hard month for everyone else. First of all, you’re coming down from what I like to call the “Holiday High.” Everything is so fun and festive and you get to spend so much time with the people you love. For most, it’s a time of year when you get time off so everyone is in a great mood during the holidays. But man, once January hits…WOOF. Talk about an epic comedown where everything feels hard and going back to work seems impossible. However, I somehow get through that long first month of year, but not without some creative blocks. I always feel like this time of the year is tough. I love holiday content and sharing that with all of you so when that’s over, it seems sad to let go of all of that and move forward with just winter content. Yes, I am aware that this seems much more dramatic than it needs to be but whatever. Lately, I have felt a bit unmotivated when it comes to creating content. I just seem to get stuck in a creative rut and I hate that feeling. However, there is always something that brings me back to life and I know it sounds crazy, but this wall got those creative juices flowing again. I love creating content with my friend and photographer Shannon Righetti. We have been trying out some different things lately and I really love how this shoot turned out. The direct sunlight paired with the really fun wall (only went up a few months ago!) and the all white outfit feels very editorial to me, which feels like a refreshing change from “shaded only” spots to capture blog content in. I wasn’t even sure if this location and the direct sunlight were going to work out but Shannon pushed me through and it ended up being one of my favorite shoots. It’s so fun and different! For me, it really takes just one thing to break me out of my funk and lucky for me, this shoot pumped me back up!

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