The Thrill Of The Sale Find


There is nothing more thrilling to a seasoned shopped than the excitement of finding a piece you want on sale. Oh, and not just any old sale. Like, the ULTIMATE sale. We’re talking take an extra 50% off your purchase kind of sale. When I was in college (aka when I embraced shopping as my cardio), these types of sales didn’t really exist outside of Black Friday and right after the holidays. However, over the last decade, brands and companies are really started to embrace the sale mentality that many of us shopping addicts fall victim to because we want to save as much money as we can. There is something so satisfying about finding a piece that you have been wanting and lusting over for months on major sale. Any shopping addict will tell you it’s like the sale gods are smiling down upon you and you’re meant to have this piece. This happened to me when I found this Zimmermann dress on sale for an extra 50% off IN MY SIZE. I almost fell out of my chair but don’t worry, I was able to push purchase in 1.5 seconds because I knew this beauty had to be mine. This is where obsessively stalking pieces you love literally pays off because if you wait, what you want will most likely go on sale. I will admit that my laptop doesn’t like this method since I have like 1 million tabs open on my computer but you can’t mess with this sale finder. I will find what I want and I WILL get it on sale.

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