The Overalls Everyone Needs


Overalls are a tricky piece that I truly love. They’re casual, they’re comfy, and they are so easy to just throw on with any top. Honestly, I love wearing them when I’m feeling a little “fluffy,” which is a term a friend of mine coined when she’s feeling a little bloated around the middle. However, overalls are hard to find when you have a long torso because it seems that no style really worked on me. They were either too loose on top, too tight in the thigh, to short in the length, and so on. However, Reformation came to my rescue with this pair and I now realize what makes them so genius aka incredibly flattering. Reformation does not refer to these as overalls, they refer to this piece as a denim jumpsuit. AH-HA! This jumpsuit looks like overalls without the annoying features of overalls, like gaping holes of no fabric on the sides and ill fitting areas in the butt and legs. This jumpsuit actually hugs your curves and makes you feel damn sexy. I mean really, who would’ve thought the word “sexy” and “overalls” would ever make it into the same sentence? Not me, but I’m sure glad Reformation’s got my back.

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  1. June 4, 2018 / 5:51 am

    Denim overalls with a sweet white blouse and white loafers is a must try! love this look and the way you finished it with cool black sunnies!

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