A Le Point Holiday

Living in the greatest city in the world means that I also have access to the coolest local boutiques. There is nothing I love more than finding a San Francisco store that not only has unique pieces to choose from but also truly cares about it’s clientele. Today, I have the honor of introducing you to my new favorite SF boutique, Le Point, which is located on Valencia St in the Mission. Lucky for me, I am constantly walking the streets of the Mission, more specifically Valencia St, because there are so many amazing restaurants and boutiques to check out so I was incredibly excited to experience Le Point for myself. Located in a beautiful corner spot, Le Point’s attention to interior details jumps out at you immediately. The millennial pink floor, the beautiful displayed shoes basked in the copious amount of natural light that pours into the front of the store, and the incredible selection of designer pieces (Tibi, GANNI, Opening Ceremony to name a few) are all reasons why Le Point has become one of my top shopping destination recommendations for everyone I know.

Okay, it’s going to come as no surprise when I tell you how much I love to shop. I freaking LOVE it. I love finding unique pieces to share with all of you and fun outfits to help me wear outside my personal style comfort zone. Walking into Le Point was like a kid walking into Disneyland. I wanted to explore, touch, and experience everything at once. Le Point’s owner, Pauline, was incredibly kind and knowledgable about everything and anything style related. Pauline also proved to be quite helpful as she casually fueled my “shopper’s high” by adding almost the entire store’s selection to my fitting room. I mean, with such high end selections and brand new Fall/Winter arrivals, how could I not want to try on everything?! I’ll admit, I have never been in a store where I literally wanted every single thing I laid eyes on. That’s how GOOD Le Point’s selections are.

As I continued to try on velvet separates, patent camera bag purses (DROOL!), beautiful pinafore dresses, dreamy coats, and the warmest/prettiest sweaters, I knew that Le Point just got me. Not only does Le Point entirely embrace the cool “street style” vibe, but Pauline and staff understands and fully encourages women to express themselves through unique personal style. To say that I had a very personal connection with Le Point is an understatement. After I picked out this incredible outfit that you are seeing above, I left feeling incredible, which doesn’t always happen after each shopping experience. As a blogger, it can be hard to set yourself apart from the countless other bloggers that are doing their own thing. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you probably know that I strive to wear unique pieces that other bloggers may be afraid to try because they’re out of their comfort zone or because it’s not the “it” piece of the moment. What I loved most about Le Point was they, too, strive to be unique and 100% succeed at this. Shopping within this incredibly chic boutique is an experience that stays with you and I know you’ll love it just as much I as do.

Check out Le Point located 301 Valencia St in San Francisco or visit their online store for holiday gift inspo, both for yourself and for those you love!

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