Dream Dress.

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Outfit Details | Dress (Anthropologie), Necklace (J Crew, love this one), Earrings (J Crew Factory), Belt (Kate Spade), Shoes (J Crew, similar), Lipstick (MAC Heroine), Sunglasses (Karen Walker).

I don’t often use the phrase “dream dress,” but when I do, it’s magical! When I first saw this dress at Anthropologie, I knew that I HAD to have it. I mean, look at it!!! A sequin top with a gorgeous satin striped midi skirt? Heavenly! The price tag was enough to make me rethink handing over my money right there on the spot, but when I tried it on, oh boy. I was in trouble. It took everything I had to sadly hand the dress back to the fitting room attendant, who seemed to have a look that said “seriously? You’re handing this back to me? You’re crazy!” but that could’ve just been my brain playing tricks on me. I immediately texted a picture of me in this dress to my mom so that she could see how amazing it was. She texted back “it’s beautiful” and that was it. A couple of months later, I was opening my Christmas presents when I saw a flash of blue and black satin. My wonderful mom and dad surprised me and bought me my dream dress behind my back! Oh, happy day!

This dress fits me like a tee. Many of the reviews on Anthropologie’s website mentioned that the sequin top was rather scratchy and that the skirt was too voluminous. I did not have a problem with either of those two things. Actually, I found the top to be really comfortable and not too tight, which is something I really can’t stand when I’m wearing a sleeveless dress, and I loved the statement skirt! Honestly, the more volume the better!

I cannot wait to wear this dress to some fabulous event! Even when I have it on for just a moment, I feel so beautiful and that, my loves, is how every dream dress should make you feel.

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  1. Bumma
    January 17, 2014 / 5:37 pm

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Period

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