Hotel Z San Diego

Last weekend, Jonny and I decided to head to San Diego to take advantage of the Labor Day holiday weekend and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary a little early! On a fun side note, Jonny actually went to UCSD so it was really fun for him to be back on his old stomping grounds years later. One quick plane ride and a rented car later, Jonny and I started our anniversary vacation. We had so much fun exploring all of the fun little spots that SD is famous for (more on this coming later!) and we were very excited to spend out last day/night with Hotel Z, a Stay Pineapple hotel, which is located downtown in the historic Gaslamp District.

When we drove up to the front of Hotel Z, we were immediately blown away by how FUN our hotel looked. Standing out in bright marigolds and turquoise, Hotel Z literally jumps out at you and draws you in with it’s unique exterior. Jonny and I drove our rental car right up to the valet, which was an amazing service to use. Instead of having to look around frantically for parking downtown, you hand your keys to the valet and they take care of it for you. When you want you car back for another outing, all you have to do is text them and they will bring your car to the front of the hotel within 10 minutes. Having this service was life changing because we didn’t have to worry about parking our car! Someone else did it for us. Oh yeah, WE FANCY.

Once we dropped our car off, Jonny and I ventured inside. I can always gather a great deal about a hotel by taking in its lobby. Well, Hotel Z’s lobby was AMAZING. With the pineapple theme going strong, every single detail of Hotel Z’s lobby was on point. From a full barista cart (have you ever seen this in a hotel before?!) to all your favorite games (Jenga anyone?) to the delicious pineapple flavored cupcakes that they leave out for guests, Hotel Z really understands the phrase “it’s all in the details.” Even the cold water station that they leave out for guests was infused with real pineapple (YUM). Speaking of water, I loved that they had two huge ice cold water containers for their guests to use. Whenever I go to a hotel, the first thing I want is water and let me tell you, it’s not always free. The fact that Hotel Z had an abundant amount of water that guests could utilize to fill up their water bottles or just grab a quick sip on their way out was a game changer. It really shows how much they care about their guest’s experience!

Speaking of care, the staff at Hotel Z were incredible. They were kind, helpful, and seemed to really be interested in our lives. They asked us about our trip to San Diego and loved hearing about all the fun places we had been to. They even provided us with a “Hipster Map” (their words!) so that we could see all the cool up and coming San Diego spots! We were pretty stoked that we had already hit quite a few of them but it was such a nice touch to have something like this, especially when you are new to a city.

Hotel Z arranged for us to stay in our of their King Suite rooms and it was fantastic. From the super comfy robes to the slippers to the glorious bathroom that had the best lighting I’ve ever seen, Jonny and I felt at home immediately. One of my favorite parts of our room were the duvet covers. Instead of having a thin blanket to pull over you while you sleep (how many times have you had that sitch in a hotel and were freezing all night?), Hotel Z has two individual feather down comforters that essentially cradle you to sleep each night. Side note, they are individually washed to ensure that you have the cleanest duvet ready and waiting for you. Love that! I’ve never experienced such a luxurious duvet. Before we headed out for dinner, Jonny and I laid down in bed and were so comfortable under our duvets that we didn’t want to get up. Already trying to figure out how I can get them for our bed at home!

 From the location to the service, you really won’t find a better hotel located in the best part of San Diego’s downtown district. Jonny and I were sad to leave but excited at the thought that we could possibly have a little staycation at the San Francisco one! All of Stay Pineapple’s hotels have a different theme and after spending time in Hotel Z, I have a feeling we would love each location.

Thank you for having us, Hotel Z!

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