Prairie Chic Is Taking Over



Don’t you love when a last minute packing addition before a big trip become a favorite outfit? That’s exactly what happened with this look. I have been following the success of New York based designer, Batsheva, for the past few months. If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I developed the term “Prairie Chic” based on my love for Prairie and western inspired looks. As a kid, I was obsessed with “Little House On The Prairie” and “Anne of Green Gables” (I even dressed up as Anne when I was in fourth grade because I really just wanted to wear a prairie dress) so the prairie and western lifestyle was always really intriguing to me. I used to joke with my parents that I was born in the wrong era and that I wished I was born during the 1800’s so that I could wear corsets with full skirts and incredible matching accessories because I just loved the styles so much. When I started incorporating my “Prairie Chic” style into my looks about a year and a half ago, people laughed at me and didn’t really understand it. BUT GUESS WHO’S LAUGHING NOW!? Prairie and western looks have literally taken over the fashion world! Girls (including myself) are buying western boots (aka cowboy boots that are more “fashiony”) and incorporating Laura Ashley and Laura Ingalls Wilder inspired pieces into their wardrobes for fall. I freaking love it. So, before I left for New York, I knew I wanted to incorporate one of Batsheva’s designs into my NYFW wardrobe not only because I am obsessed with how unique her designs are but because I just had a feeling she was going to become a big name in the fashion world. Turns out, I was right. Batsheva has made it’s rounds within the fashion community and has even been covered by Vogue, the holy bible of all things style related. I was sad to have missed her NYFW presentation but it looked incredible. One of the reasons I chose this particular Batsheva dress was, well, I thought it would look amazing with my Gucci cardi, but also because it’s “Prairie Chic” inspired but absolutely wearable! The print and the heart pockets make this dress a total joy to wear and I can’t wait to watch Batsheva’s success grow even more.

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