Statement Sleeves



This was the very first thing I bought for NYFW and truth be told, it’s a very different style for me. I usually never wear anything that’s really tight or that shows off my butt in an extreme way because it makes me feel self-conscious. I never really want to bring attention to my ass-ets because I always want to feel more covered up than anything else, but my SoulCycle butt (as Jonny lovingly calls it), is a part of me and there are times I want to show it off. This dress is definitely tight on the bottom half and more voluminous on the top, which I liked. It made me feel more balanced when I wearing it. When I wore this out and about NYC, there were many times throughout the day where I was pulling down the dress because I felt self-conscious. Luckily, I had my girl Sarah with me and she convinced me to stop pulling it down so much and just work it. So, I did! Honestly, I love love love this dress and how it makes me feel. Whenever I put it on, I feel sexy, confident, and on trend and I’m okay with that!

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